Status Quo of Small Business Marketing: 10 Steps

Across the countless interviews and podcasts I have listened to there is a consistent set of marketing tactics and strategies that businesses are using that are effective in the new digital marketing universe.


Here is a boiled down summary of what I see as happening today across all these marketing messages.

  1. Simplify your message.
    Your business doesn’t have an effective story. Use something like the storybrand methodology. They have a sweet new video series here.
  2. Start blogging.
    Blog about your service or what you do. In my case, I blog about creative marketing and life insights that I have, because that’s what I offer.Are you an air conditioning guy? Write about what questions people always have about air conditioners (how much electricity will it really use? Is the unit I have sufficient? Am I over-air conditioning my house? Are there cheap solutions to my A/C problems?)
  3. Engage one key social platform.
    Don’t be everywhere in a limited way, be in one place in a very accessible and responsive way. That builds trust and relationships.  Respond to every comment.
  4. Earn email addresses
    This is the monopoly money of marketing today. Earn email addresses and personal information by giving something of value away free on those social networks. They give you the email, they get some bit of knowledge, information, etc. that they would otherwise pay for.
  5. Build trust.
    Instantly build trust by by automatically sending the “free” resource via email.
  6. Realize what you have been given.
    Email addresses are the #1 metric for marketing success. That person is now a qualified lead. Do you know how valuable that is!?!? Keep their vital information well organized and cared for.
  7. Send them followup materials or items of value every week.
    Send it once / week until they unsubscribe. Frequency builds trust, relationship and loyalty. Yeah, that sounds like a lot, but now that we aren’t doing as much print advertising, so we can afford to spend a little more on having a real, breathing human being creating a genuine relationship with customers. Send additional invitations to webinars, events, etc and analyze customer responses if you have enough data. Don’t sell their information. When sold, it’s worthless because there is no trust.
  8. Update your website.
    Make sure you website has high impact, clear call to action, and passes a grunt test, i.e. that your customer instantly knows who you are, what you sell and what’s in it for them.
  9. Survey
    Request information from your customer via short surveys, etc. to fine tune your market / customers. Ensure that you are telling the right story to the right customer.
  10. Deadlines
    Create sales and events with deadlines to stimulate customers to action.

There it is. Hours and hours of listening and learning in one tiny cheat sheet.

Looking at these techniques, however, very little has changed since Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, except that email remains the #1 metric for your marketing success.



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