Goals Update: 1st Quarter

I am a big fan of goals, because they let me take control of the long-term goals for my life.

Here is what I mean:

Every year I spend time in self discovery, asking the big questions about who I am, what I want out of life, and what my greatest hopes and aspirations are. I have HUGE dreams, but know that I need a plan to get there. That’s where goals come in. Goals are the technology that allow me to reach a long term dreams that I have, because they allow me to move big things little by little. In addition, success for me has never been purely financial, it has always been according to the wheel of life proposed by Zig Ziglar and many others. That is to say, we need to be successful in every area of our life in order to live a life well. This means, Financial, Physical, Personal, Family, Spiritual, Social, and Career.

Here is what I do practically:

  1. Refine my big dreams / visions for my life.
  2. Create 5-year goals in each category, based on my big dreams / visions for life.
  3. Create 1-year goals in each category, based on my 5-year goals in each category.
  4. Create 90-day goals in each category, based on my 1-year goal in each category.
  5. Every week, create a goal list that corresponds to the 90-day goals.
  6. Check in each week with a friend / accountability partner, to watch myself not only accomplishing goals during the week but also see how I’m moving toward the 90 day goals.

So, with a serving of humble pie, here were my 90-day goals for the 1st quarter.

Financial: 3/3
• Update Quickbooks with all relevant banking information. (Win!)
• Submit taxes. (Win! And in both countries!)
• Determine if there is a better way to use miles / such for flights. (Win! Note, there wasn’t / didn’t have enough miles.)

Physical: 0/2
• Start food journaling (No.)
• Track workouts (Nope.)

Personal development: 2/3
• Finish the digital marketing certificate on iMBA. (No. Made progress, but didn’t get it)
• Organize reading list to hit 5 books. (Win!)
• Get linked in posts done. (Goal changed slightly, but I’m calling this a win!)

Family: 1/2
• Finish Christmas letter 2015 by February 2nd. (No.)
• Backup all files. (Yes, actually! Chose OneDrive over Dropbox for a variety of reasons)

Spiritual: 0/2
• Focus on finishing The Way on iPieta. (No.)
• Begin novena for work. (No.)

Social: 1/1
• See friends at least 1/week. (Yes!)

Career: 2/4
• Finish cover mailing for ____ company. (Yes! )
• Finalize list of 30 companies in Eugene / Portland (No, did some work, but didn’t get it really refined)
• Begin mailing campaign. (Had a lot of changes that  made me cancel this.)
• Purchase Plane tickets 54 days in advance. (Yes! With great success.)
• Schedule interviews. (Again, cancelled.)
• Finish “You majored in what?” and work through the process by the end of January. (No. Amazing what it takes to finish a book. Sheesh!)

Since data visualization is nice, here is a radar chart so I can see how i did in each of the areas.



Now, just because I didn’t make a “spiritual” goal doesn’t mean I wasn’t spiritual during the quarter. I attended mass and prayed more times than I can count. But I did mean that I didn’t make my goal with respect to that.

Alright, I’ll have 2Q goals up tomorrow.





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