A Name Change and a Retraction

So, yesterday I was musing about how to create a compelling narrative for my own story and experience in Spain using “comedy” as the form of it. I was going to practice this week. However, as I began sputtering and halting, trying to crank out something, I realized that I need to know the genera a little bit better before I dive in. Indeed, it might be that I need to simplify that task. So, I will not be printing that this week.

Second, as often happens, I was at the gym musing about what is important for me to write about and why. For me, writing stems from a sense of vocation, what I am called to do. I’m not saying I’m a great writer, only that it is good for me to write. In particular, I have observed that where I get the most joy is when I am thinking through a problem / situation and providing some creative insight. That is the core of what I offer.

In marketing, one does not eat on creative insight alone, but rather the right combination of a whole host of different factors. There needs to be balance. While insight is the core of what I want to offer, I know that there is a fair amount of content development that goes along with those insights, there is an understanding of search engine optimization, of graphic design, or writing techniques, of packaging, of technology. Also, since you can’t really “teach” insight there are aspects of understanding our humanity that are essential. Moments of creativity stem from life experience, which is not something that can be purchased through a degree.  Additionally, questions of integrity need to be discussed so that we do not use our power to influence for evil.

Creative insight is the main course of what I offer, but the whole meal is well balanced. So for now, I’m picking “the well balanced marketer” as the new title for this blog. Maybe it will stick, maybe it wont. Either way, I’m happier making a choice.


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