Organizing Your Content Marketing

Since I am in the market for a marketing certificate, I thought I would do the mental work of creating an organizational chart for how I would create various content marketing campaigns for various personas. Below you will see Names, Profiles, and fundamental fears, followed by test titles and test topics.

I organize everything in Microsoft OneNote, because I find it to be the most extensible for sharing with others and being more of a mental sketchpad for myself, without all the coffee stains and booger marks.

NB: Content marketing has the same drawbacks as any other form of advertising. It runs the risk of being passed over very, very easily. Unless it is genuinely of service to the individual and tells an effective story, it will blend into the background. Also, I keep the titles and topics separate, because often titles have little to do with the actual topic, and we are in a race have the highest click-through rates.

Alright, here goes.

Molly Marketer

Took one “digital marketing” course as part of her Business Administration: Marketing (BA), loves it and wants to complete an additional certification to make her stand out.

“If I don’t get a job within 3 months after graduation, I will be a complete failure. I wish I had an additional something to make me more attractive to employers.”

Fundamental fear: being irrelevant

Test Titles

  • How I make the cover images for my blog posts
  • The excuses stop now. (time-sensitive)
  • Why not you?
  • I’m off-track with this goal
  • How to write a $10 Million sales page
  • Are you up for this challenge
  • Going the extra mile…
  • Why employers are looking at other candidates

Test Topics

  • The real secrets of what hiring managers are looking for
  • How to discover your professional mission / elevator speech.
  • Why the first 30 seconds are what matters, and three tips
  • Having job experience when you don’t have job experience.
  • Why stats was your most important class.
  • What specific skills your employer will swoon for.
  • Creating an always-current marketing CV/Resume.
  • Where succesful job seekers are really looking (crunchbase / angelist)

Amelia Apparel Deisgner

BA in Apparel Design. Wants to work

“I have no freaking idea what I am going to do with this degree. I want to move to LA, but I don’t know what I’d do when I got down there.”

Fundamental fear: being dependent.

Test Titles

  • Can we talk? (really)
  • Shocked by what this guy wrote about me
  • Time-sensitive (plz read now)
  • Here’s how to get started as a marketer
  • “Oh boy, this is huge!”
  • This is about you
  • Are you ready to ACTUALLY change your life?
  • I’m looking for copywriters…
  • Your opinion, please?
  • Why HR managers should be fired.

Test Topics

  • Why your odd academic training is extremely valuable to employers
  • The practical steps to take post-graduation to make sure you are employed.
  • How to shine up unconventional experiences / degrees.
  • More than good looks: how to
  • How to make your Resume measure up.
  • Interview with marketing directors / what they are looking for.

Eric Entrepreneur

Entrepreurialism / unconventional business major.

“My buddies and I want to do a startup (it’s like napster for hotdogs), but really have no idea how to get our ideas to market. I don’t want to have to ask mom and dad for startup money”

Alan Awesomesauce

Graduate: Had a very diverse set of experiences, probably an irrelevant degree, and hasn’t done anything in marketing in 4-5 years

“I want a credential that ‘gets me back in the game’ with employers that I can do part time. I don’t want employers to pass on my resume because I don’t have a credential.”

Since their fears are fundamentally the same, I’m gonna treat them the same: being insignificant.

Test Titles

  • Embarrassing admission
  • Does God care about your business?
  • The excuses stop now. (time-sensitive)
  • Download your free Marketing Manager’s Blueprint
  • Are you serious… or just a big talker?
  • What if this is as good as it gets?
  • If you want to write a book someday
  • Why you may never write a book

Test Topics

  • Lost in Lingo? How to get up to speed with marketing vocabulary.
  • Getting direction with your career.
  • You are already employed: how to treat your job search like FTE (Full-time employment)
  • How to fill in the gaps in your experience- an HR director spills all.
  • Make your connections more likely to introduce you to their business friends.
  • The certifications you may want to consider for your next career move.