New Job: New Blog

On a podcast with the Ziglar corporation, Seth Godin mentioned that he believes everyone should blog. The purpose of a blog used to be a private journal to be read publicly; nowadays it is more of a public statement of what you stand behind publicly.

This is big: what you publish has to be what you stand for and be called to account for. 

If that thought perilizes you, then perhaps that is an excellent indication that you might not have everything figured out about a given topic. For example, many political conversations end up being a source of bickering over facts rather than actually discussing models of policy. If the “truth” is something that is important to you, then the current political milieu is a sticky mess that needs help. 

However, you may still have a number of ideas to write and contribute to the world. It’s become a bit of a trope that heating and air professionals ought to have a blog, because others trust heating and air guys who share the tricks of the trade more than those who play close to the vest. In addition, those who blog daily (if even just biweekly) will be better professionals at whatever they are working on after one year of practicing their craft. 

With that, I want to introduce my new position as a commercial property manager — meaning that I will be managing tenants and buildings for businesses, and not residences. That means the new insights I will be bringing to this blog on account of that position, perhaps I will even start a new blog based on these experiences.

Since I see myself as a marketer, I am going to focus heavily on the marketing aspects of property management. In particular, the role of this position is not simply to keep the a/c running and the pipes unclogged. Yes, it is primarily about maintaining an investment for a landlord, but the really fun part is that it is about helping small businesses become more successful. That means I get to become a local business geek, learning new and different ways of modeling and running companies to be successful based on their location and physical environment. I may not know everything about building mechanical systems, but I do know how the right systems help a tenant become more successful, comfortable, etc.